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About Boise Computer Depot in the Boise, ID Area


"Rob, Tyler, Garrett and Dustyn are the best in town. From new purchases to services to service calls, they are always prompt, economical and super fair and friendly. I’d give 10 starts if I could."

USCS GM, Google Review

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Boise Computer Depot has been serving the Treasure Valley for more than 13 years, and our business leadership have more than 25 years of experience in the computer retail and repair industry.
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With this extensive background supporting Boise, Idaho, and surrounding areas, we are confident that we can provide some of the best local, accessible, skilled tech services when buying a PC or a Mac, addressing technical questions and answers, and on-site computer support for both home and professional clients who need computers to keep life running smoothly.
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Some of the things that make Boise Computer Depot unique include:

 Top-notch refurbished computers. We professionally refurbish Macs and PCs. Many people think of refurbished computers as just inheriting someone's old, low-quality machine. That's simply not the case with us. See our Buying A Computer page to learn about the steps we take to make sure you always get quality, current, reasonably priced equipment–new or refurbished–from Boise Computer Depot.

 Safe, secure data recovery. Do you have a damaged or outdated computer that's keeping you from getting to your key data? Boise Computer Depot is a trustworthy, reliable source for restoring data. We have the tools and the experience to restore every last bit of your recoverable data, and we take careful measures to keep that data secure.

Experienced computer repair. If your new or refurbished computer has any problems, they are first backed by a 30-day warranty with no extra cost. Most computer hardware issues will present themselves within that time. If that should happen, we have local computer repair specialists who can do on-site or in-store computer repairs to get you up and running right away. Big box retailers often don't offer this.

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Whatever your computer needs, and whether you're interested in buying or servicing Macs or PCs, Boise Computer Depot is here to help. Take a look through our site, especially our Computer Repair Services page and Other Computer Services page to get a broader look at all the ways we can support you and your tech adventures.

If you have questions, please give us a call at (208) 602-6132 or contact us here. We look forward to working with you!
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