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Got Hard Drive Failure or Corruption?  Secure Data Recovery in Boise, ID

It seems we store our lives on computers these days. Everything from family photos to important documents, and sentimental emails and letters to essential business records: It's all there.

Or at least, it should be… So what do you do when your data is not where you left it? Reach out to Boise Computer Depot! If your data is recoverable, we will extract it for you, giving you back your information and your peace of mind. That is one of the many local computer repair services we offer.

Types of Hard Drives and Storage Media: Recovering Lost, Deleted Files and Data

Hard Disk Drive:

A traditional hard disk drive requires mechanical pieces to function. Those parts include:
  • Hard Drive Platter: A circular disk that rotates on a spindle and contains the data.
  • Actuator Arm and Head: Contains a magnet that lifts and drops to magnetically imprint data onto the platter.
  • Connectors: An IDE connector, a jumper block, and a power connector are key in allowing your hard disk drive to communicate with the rest of your computer.

Because a traditional hard disk drive contains moving pieces, they are more susceptible to drop damage or exposing it to strong magnets. We have the tools and experience to get bits of information, even from a damaged drive.

Solid State Drive (SSD):

An SSD is composed, in part, of flash memory chips. Flash memory does not require a spinning platter or other moving parts to function. This makes them:
  • Faster to turn on and off
  • Less susceptible to drop damage
  • Immune to damage from an average magnet
  • Much lighter, making them a great choice for laptops

SSDs also have connector pins that must have a steady connection to your computer in order for you to access your data. If those connections or other aspects of the flash memory are corrupted, the computer specialists at Boise Computer Depot again have the tools and experience to access whatever recoverable data remains.

Other Storage Media:

Besides internal hard drives, we may also help recover data from:
  • External hard drives
  • "Thumb" drives (a.k.a. external flash drive, USB flash drive)
  • Old media like 3 ¼ inch floppy disks, ZIP disks, etc
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Wherever you're storing your important personal or business data, the computer technicians at Boise Computer Depot care about retrieving that data and getting it back to you safe and sound. If, after all the retrievable data has been extracted, your hard drive is no longer viable, we can also help you choose an appropriate, affordable new or refurbished computer as a replacement
If you have questions about our data recovery services, please call us at (208) 602-6132 or contact us here. We would love to resolve your concerns by restoring your lost or corrupted data
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