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Reduce Computer Waste: Old Mac and PC Recycling, Boise, ID

With as quickly as technology changes, and people and businesses replacing their technology at the same rate, it can be hard to avoid adding more plastic and metal to an already significant problem of non-biodegradable waste around the world.

While Boise Computer Depot can't claim to save the worldwide problem of scrap and debris, we're doing our best to be a local resource to reduce tech waste by recycling old computers in a safe, secure, and environmentally friendly way.


Data Deletion vs. Data Recovery: Permanently Delete Files and Personal Data

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Our in-depth understanding of data recovery comes in handy when we are performing secure data stripping. Essentially, if we are able to recover the data, we're not doing a good enough job in deleting it. So we have meticulous processes in place that respect our client's private information and make sure no one in the future can get their hands on it before properly recycling the computer hardware.

Proper recycling of the hardware is also something that's unique to Boise Computer Depot. While we have partnerships with government agencies and corporations to refurbish Macs and PCs, our reasons for those partnerships extend beyond refurbishing.

Many agencies and corporations don't use the right methods to recycle their hardware, resulting in hazardous materials like heavy metals and lithium ending up dumped in landfills. Our efforts with refurbishing and recycling reduce this problem.

Our meticulous process for data removal when you donate computers for recycling include:
  • Running data shredding software at least once to perform a disk wipe.
  • Reformatting the hard drive to essentially reset to manufacturer settings.
  • Removing reusable parts to use in refurbished computers, only if safe.

This process may be improved depending on whether we're going to wipe a Mac or a PC hard drive, or if we're handling a large network of business computers versus a single home computer. If you have questions about your machine, please feel free to ask one of our computer specialists
When you're ready to choose your new computer, call Boise Computer Depot at (208) 602-6132 or contact us here. We're here to answer your questions and make a smart computer choice.
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